Flatbed Towing


As experienced tow truck professionals, we're well aware of the benefits of flatbed towing versus traditional towing. That's why we have four flatbed tow trucks that we work to keep in optimal conditions.

Whether you need an emergency tow of an immobile vehicle, a large piece of equipment moved, a classic car relocated without subjecting it to potholes and other risks of the road, or you simply want the safest and most damage free towing method available, our flatbed tow trucks, and professional, experienced drivers are here for you.

  1. No stress on the vehicle
  2. No risk to the bumper of bottom of the car when going over potholes or bumps.
  3. No risk to the drivetrain of all wheel drive vehicles.
  4. No risk of being hit by another car.
  5. No wear on the tires.
  6. Risk-free long-distance towing.
  7. Easy towing of irregularly shaped vehicles, including motorcycles, farming or construction, or vehicles damaged in collisions.